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Athletic and Debate Booster Clubs Q & A

School administrators in recent years are witnessing a growing
number of “booster clubs” within their communities. These booster
clubs are normally established with the objective of helping to fund
selected school activities, organizations or teams. They may be
engaged in a variety of activities but they are principally money
raising groups. Due to the growing number of booster clubs, it
is wise to review KSHSAA rules that apply to the activities of
booster clubs to answer some of the most often asked questions
pertaining to the actions of these organizations.
KSHSAA Rule 20-1-1(f) is the basis for most answers to questions
relevant to booster clubs. This provision of the KSHSAA
rules provides that “Booster Clubs are considered synonymous
to schools.” Therefore, what booster clubs may or
may not do is the same as what schools themselves may
or may not do. For example, a school cannot be involved in
fund-raising or in providing financial resources for students to
attend any outside of school training sessions, tryouts or camps
in any of the competitive athletics and debate activities
(cheerleading, KAY and Student Council are exceptions).
Likewise, booster clubs are prohibited from providing funds or
resources to students for the same. Booster clubs may assist
schools in providing school letters, team patches, chevrons and/
or year dates to students for participating in interscholastic activities.
Individual awards to any student may not exceed $25 in
any activity. No cash or merchandise shall be awarded to
students. All funds must be accounted for through the school
and approved by the principal.


Q. Can the school booster club contribute money for the purchase
of equipment for a school activity?
A. Yes, but the money cannot be earmarked for a particular
item. In other words, once the school has the money, they
can determine what it will be spent for.

. Can the school accept a donation of a particular piece of
equipment from a booster club?
. Yes, provided that equipment could be used by any student
in the school and the donation is approved by the principal.
(See K.S.A. 72-8210)

Q. Can the booster club provide to students on the school team
a videotape of their state championship game?
A. Yes, provided the fair market value of that videotape and any
other awards provided by the school and/or booster club for
that activity has an aggregate total of $25 or less and must
be approved by the principal. The $25 limit does not include
cost of the school letter, bars, or chevrons

Q. Can an athletic or debate booster club provide money
for students to attend a camp or clinic or compete on a nonschool
A. No, such contribution is prohibited by Rule 20-1-1(f).

Q. Can an athletic or debate booster club provide transportation
for students to attend a camp or clinic?
. No, such a contribution of transportation (whether in the
form of money to reimburse for costs, or a contribution of a
vehicle) is prohibited. (See the February KSHSAA Activities
Journal p. 8)
If there is an area of confusion with respect to what booster clubs
may or may not do, it is in the area of what clubs or groups
affiliated with non-school groups of students can do. For
example, within the local community there is a group who supports
the non-school youth soccer, or kids wrestling club, etc.
Questions regarding what they can or cannot do often arise.

Q. Can the Youth Soccer club (or wrestling club, etc.) raise money
for camps and clinics for their players at school events, i.e.,
selling goods at school events?
A. No. Once the school becomes involved in providing these
groups the opportunity to raise funds at school events, these
organizations then become synonymous with the school and
the same provisions pertaining to school booster clubs apply.
Reminder - these same groups may not solicit funds at
KSHSAA post-season events

Q. Can members of the Youth Wrestling club (or soccer club, etc.)
help at school events by manning concessions stands, etc.?
A. Yes, but if any money is paid to the club for such services,
then that amount of money cannot be used to send kids to
athletic camps, clinics, etc

Q. Who is responsible for “tracking” money raised by non-school
booster clubs (community youth teams, etc.) to prevent that
money from being used to send school students in the same
activity to camps?
A. The school principal and the non-school booster club.