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Central USD 462

Central Jr/Sr High


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ZAP'D begins at Central!


USD #462 Central Burden Junior Senior High School

Zeros Aren’t Permitted (ZAP):

Program Overview / Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the ZAP program?

Zeros Aren’t Permitted (ZAP) is a program designed to increase expectations of students who habitually, or even occasionally, fail to complete and turn in homework assignments on time.  It is first and foremost an expectation of high academic standards for all students. It is the goal of this program to empower students to acquire self-discipline and develop positive work habits.  These skills will help students achieve success in our school while preparing them to meet the expectations of college and career professionals that they will encounter after graduation. 

Why is CJSHS using the ZAP program? 

The ZAP program is formed based upon the belief that every student can learn and be successful in school.  Based on this belief, we will implement this program to hold ourselves and our students accountable for meeting this level of expectations.  He/she will take pride in completing an assignment and doing it to the best of his/her ability. The most important trait that an individual can possess when it comes to achieving success is grit.  Grit is the ability to persevere and overcome any obstacle in the pursuit of a goal. When students choose to skip an assignment, they lose an opportunity to practice hard work and display their grit.  We realize that for many students a zero is not an immediate consequence since most students who repeatedly receive zeros are students who are struggling in school anyway. As educators, we recognize that when a student skips an assignment, this is a behavioral problem that often becomes an academic problem.  ZAP is just one more strategy to help a child experience more success in school by building good character and work ethic. However, ZAP goes beyond behavioral goals like teaching grit. Using ZAP means preparing a student for college, career and/or for life because it requires teachers to ensure each child knows the curriculum, and if he/she is not completing assignments a teacher cannot possibly provide an accurate measure of that student’s knowledge.  Our students know more than nothing, and we want them to prove it every time. That is why zeros aren’t permitted. 

When will ZAP start? 

The ZAP program will begin at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year and continue each week that follows.  Teachers will review their gradebooks to identify students with missing work and issue a ZAP form to students and the administrative office on Wednesdays by 3:45 pm.  This ZAP form will serve the purpose of providing a written notice to both students and parents that the student is missing one or more assignments for a specific class.  ZAP forms should be signed by both the student and parent and must accompany any and all missing work that a student submits after a deadline. Students who fail to complete the assignments listed on the ZAP form by the following Monday, will be “zapped,” which means they will be referred to the ZAP program after school.  The ZAP program runs from 3:55 to 5:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week.  

The ZAP process begins when teachers identify students who are missing assignments.  The teacher addresses the missing work with the student, provides a ZAP form to be signed (parents & students) and submitted with missing work.  Students have an opportunity to complete the missing assignments listed on the ZAP form. If the student completes and submits their missing work along with a signed ZAP form, (student and parent signature required) they can avoid getting zapped for the following week. 

Who is involved in ZAP?

The ZAP program has been used successfully in other districts across the nation and is a new initiative at CJSHS for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Where: Students will be assigned to attend ZAP with the following teachers: 

Teacher: Ms. LaBrue

Room: 219


What About Junior High Athletic Students?

If a Junior High students involved in athletics is zapped:

A.) The Junior High student will be permitted to practice until 3:55, at which time they will have to report to Zap’D.


B.)  Game Days ...You will not miss Zap'D to catch the bus to the game.  Other than that, you will have to figure it out.


Who do I contact with questions concerning ZAP?

Parents with questions or concerns regarding the ZAP program should contact their student’s teacher. If further assistance is necessary please contact the principal, Jason Wilson.  Thank you for your support as we make a push to raise our student expectations, teach grit, and master the educational standards designed to prepare our students for college and careers.

Jason Wilson