Red Ribbon Week Banner with Student handprints

Students at Central Jr/Sr High School celebrated Red Ribbon Week on October 24 - 27, 2022. Activities for the week were planned and organized by STUCO students, sponsors, and the school social worker. Daily announcements, activities, dress up themes, lessons, and more are detailed below! 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Dress Up Theme: Wear Red... Kick off the week drug free. 

Morning Announcement: Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free.- That’s this year’s Red Ribbon Week theme. All the staff at Central love our students and we want you to lead happy, healthy, fun and wonderful lives. We know that by making healthy choices, like staying drug free, you are more likely to live the best life for you. This week we will spend time learning things that will help in making those healthy choices!

Dress Up Theme Winners: 

7th grade - Rylynn David & Mason Brown
8th grade - Ayla Reicher & Jayden Mannon
9th grade - Aubrey Miller & Nate Rue
10th grade - Coda Brickell & Broc Wilson
11th grade - Allie Pippitt & Kaden Miller
12th grade - Bradan Balman & G. Oliveira & Emily Long

Rise Time Group Activity:  Natural High videos for Red Ribbon Week

Students watched the following video about why saying no to drugs is so important and discussed how exercise is beneficial physically and emotionally. Student and staff discussed why endorphins are important, what dangers pursue with a high from a drug, and what type of natural highs are appropriate that they could turn to instead.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Dress Up Theme: Peace Out to Drugs

Morning Announcement: It’s a proven fact that kids or teens who lack healthy coping skills are more likely to act out and pursue unhealthy coping strategies as a way to manage stress and anxiety. Using drugs and alcohol is a prime example of a negative strategy kids may engage in. Some positive coping skills to use when you’re feeling anxious or stressed are physical activities like exercise, dancing, going on a walk OR listening to music, cooking, painting or writing! Look forward to practicing a positive coping skill during lunch time later today!

Dress Up Theme Winners: 
7th Grade: Hunter Henderson & Piper Stevens
8th Grade: Harley Vaughn & Gage Maggard
9th Grade: Aubrey Miller & Leo Brown
10th Grade: Gabby Moody & Harley Reed
11th Grade: Addyson Williams & Kaden Miller
Seniors: Halie Nellsch & Guilherme Oliveira

Day 2 Activity: CJSHS students learned teens who lack healthy coping skills are more likely to act out and pursue unhealthy coping strategies as a way to manage stress and anxiety such as using drugs and alcohol. During lunch today, students had the opportunity to practice two positive coping skills, listening to music and dancing, with a Glow Dance Party in the gym!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Dress Up Theme:  "Lei" off of Bullying- Hawaiian Day

Morning Announcement: Today’s theme is to “Lei” off Bullying- Bullying is relevant to Red Ribbon Week because, as we learned earlier this week, one of the leading factors to teen drug or alcohol use is stress and anxiety. Experiencing or witnessing bullying is stressful and can cause major anxiety! It’s important for every single person at Central to take a stand and no longer tolerate or participate in bullying behavior. Remember- Change is not possible without action. If you see something, say something!

Dress Up Winners:
7th Grade: Rylynn Davis & Mason Brown
8th Grade: Fynlie Ahlstedt & Austin Dailey
Freshmen: Aubrey Miller & Leo Brown
Sophomores: Ady Fagan & Broc Wilson
Juniors: Allie Pippitt & Kaden Miller (Anakin Brown Runner-Up)
Seniors: Emily Long & Guilherme Oliveira

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Dress Up Theme:  Black out Booze

Morning Announcement: This week we learned tools for helping us make healthy choices in the future. There will be a time one day you are faced with the decision to make a healthy or unhealthy choice. Talk to your friends, a trusted adult or your parents about any questions or concerns with what you have learned this week.

Dress Up Winners:

7th: Harleigh Tatum & Mason Brown

8th: Laken Eastman & Austin Dailey
9th: Aubrey Miller & James Braun
10th: Emily Trammell & Andrew Trammell
11th: Khloe White & Noah McClung
12th: Jackilynn Krueger & Jackson Chitwood

Rise Time Group Activity 

During Rise Time Family Groups, students watched a short film about the dangers of fentanyl. Students and staff discussed what surprised them and stood out most during this serious video and what they learned about the dangers of fentanyl. 

Spirit Day Class Participation Winners: The grade with the highest percentage of participation all week earned a free game time during lunch on Thursday. The Junior class won the Most Spirited class of the week, 7th graders came in a close second and 8th grade 3rd place.

Thank you Central Jr/Sr High School Raider Students and Staff for a wonderful week celebrating the importance of being drug free. A special thank you to Judy Powell, Missy Atkins, Allyson Smith and all of the STUCO students who spend their time and effort to plan such a wonderful week at CJSHS.